▷ Discover Kinsta and see the advantages and disadvantages of this managed hosting service – WAU 2020


Discover Kinsta and see the advantages and disadvantages of this managed hosting service – WAU

Kinsta is a managed hosting service for WordPress that has been standing out in the market. Formed by experts on the platform, the company delivers a strong operation focused on premium services, and places high-performance cloud site infrastructure.

The search for a good hosting service is always a challenge for those who need stable and well-performing sites. Among the options in the WordPress universe, Kinsta has stood out, especially for being one of the most recent services among the main ones in the market.

The good work at the head of the company made it stand out, so we talk about it here!

The rapid advance in the market is associated with its proposal: to be premium. This means a differentiated service when it comes to performance, which makes Kinsta an even more relevant hosting.

WordPress is a widely used and very functional platform – that’s why, finding a host that is unique to it, and that delivers quality, draws the attention of users.

In this post, we’ll talk more about Kinsta and everything that surrounds it, from its main highlights, going through the pros and cons. The content will include the topics:

Continue and check everything!

What is Kinsta?


Kinsta is a managed hosting exclusively for WordPress sites, and its main proposal is to offer the service at the premium level. The idea is that its users can enjoy high performance, regardless of the size of the site, from new projects to e-commerce and giant platforms.

Relatively new, Kinsta was founded in 2013, which attests that its rapid rise is a reflection of the good work that is done in the development of the service. For those who need to manage CMS sites, specifically WordPress, considering Kinsta is fundamental to think about performance, stability, security and good support, when necessary.

How does this managed hosting work?

In practice, it is a traditional hosting service, but exclusively directed to websites that are managed on WordPress, a platform widely used by Digital Marketing professionals.

By itself, this is already a differentiator that makes Kinsta have a very specific target audience, but not limited. As WordPress has more and more large customers, consequently, Kinsta has grown its user base a lot.

The hosting of this service works with more accessible management options, which cannot always be used, when there is no technical experience. However, what makes Kinsta worthwhile is its performance advantages.

The service is designed to stand out and enable any website to maintain a high level in all aspects, something that depends directly on qualified hosting. Among the basic services that Kinsta offers, it is worth mentioning:

  • backup management tool;
  • traffic monitoring;
  • Free SSL;
  • management panel for easy operation.

What are the main benefits that Kinsta offers?

We can often say that Kinsta is a premium hosting, but we can only convince you of that if we show you the reason why it is called that way.

The service consists of a series of differentials that directly benefit the performance of the site, while others are designed to make users’ lives more practical and carefree.

Kinsta’s proposal is to offer several advantages, without this being associated with more work for those who are in charge of the project. After all, it is essential that hosting is as practical as management on a platform like WordPress. Next, see what are the main benefits that Kinsta offers as a service!

Speed ​​as one of the bases of the service

When analyzing the details of a website, it is always good to think from a user’s perspective. Whoever accesses a page expects that, at least, it will be fast.

Otherwise, the length of stay is low, the dissatisfaction is clear and this affects even the SEO. Thinking about that, Kinsta’s main base is the delivery of an extremely fast infrastructure.

Making the sites you host fast, with smooth and fluid performance is a priority for Kinsta. Part of the work that results in this performance offering is its own technical infrastructure, especially due to the use of containers like MariaDB, PHP 7, Nginx and LXD.

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Infrastructure hosted on Google Cloud Platform

Another factor that directly influences the speed of sites hosted on Kinsta is the use of the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. The main seal, which attests to the quality of this service, is that Google itself hosts its servers in this cloud, that is, there is guarantee of security and stability – to mention only the minimum that can be used.

Hosting cloud infrastructures is nothing new. When we talk about a service that uses this environment to maintain your website, naturally, what can be expected, in addition to security, is high-level performance. In the cloud, spikes in access do not become a problem, especially since Google uses 15 data centers around the world!

Ensuring server stability

The stability of a website is one of the most important issues to be considered when looking for a hosting service.

Those who have more experience in hiring these services know that many companies guarantee a high percentage of security, that is, they are sure to comply with the obligation to keep the pages available, online and stable almost 100% of the time.

It is no different with Kinsta and they charge a lot for it. Naturally, the company works with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and that, in this case, there is guaranteed website activity 99.9% of the time.

The risk of falling services is practically insignificant, and all Kinsta’s confidence shows how cloud hosting is really a very competent option.

Minimal setup and intervention required

Whoever manages a website, knows how important it is to have to control a series of details regarding reach, traffic and other details about SEO. In addition, it is necessary to carry out updates, make posts and take care of all its content. For those who take care of this part, having to worry about more complex technical configurations can be more difficult.

In this sense, Kinsta brings the concept called hands-off, that is, of almost no user intervention for the hosting to work perfectly. You only care about how to create a website, or how to create a blog and, of course, managing them in the long run.

This work is facilitated by a totally simplified dashboard that can be easily accessed, with several options for monitoring and checking performance. Hassle free!

Premium support

Another point that makes Kinsta a premium service is its strong concern with its support team, qualified to meet any demand. The team is made up of development experts on platforms like WordPress. So, whatever the user’s question or problem, easily the resolution will be delivered in an agile manner.

Kinsta support works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact is made easier thanks to the Intercom platform, an instant messaging chat that organizes tickets by tickets.

Average, each request is usually answered in less than 3 minutes, which is not a rule, but is usually the standard of care for Kinsta support.

Headache-free migration

Maybe you are thinking about changing your hosting, after reading all these advantages of Kinsta, but you may also have changed your mind when thinking about migrating the site.

Well, the process is usually tiring and full of headaches, but it just doesn’t exist in this service. The reason is simple: they are the company’s own professionals who conduct the process.

Just create your Kinsta account, access the control panel and, right there, request the migration. As simple as that: the process starts and you are notified when it is completed. Without insecurity or risk, you allow everything to be done by those who know. Each of the contracted plans has at least one free migration, which is very advantageous.

What are the disadvantages of Kinsta?

Overall, as you noted, Kinsta is a service full of very useful features and performance details that really put you at the premium level.

However, like any other hosting, it also has its disadvantages, which deserve to be scored. Next, see what they are and why you should keep an eye out for them.

Relatively high price

For companies with little initial investment capacity, Kinsta may be a over budget service. This is the price of a high quality premium hosting with cloud infrastructure.

The cheapest, beginner plan costs $ 30 a month, while the most expensive, business 2, is $ 200 a month.

No email with domain

Amazingly, Kinsta does not offer an email service with your website domain, which is very common with other hosting. They even suggest hiring another one, that is, they really owe on this point.

Is it worth investing in this hosting?

It all depends on the investment capacity, the needs of your project and how you evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of Kinsta, throughout this content.

Thinking about performance and stability, if you use WordPress, it is worth counting on the service. It is a guarantee of cutting-edge performance, qualified support and speed in any scenario.

Kinsta shows why it has grown so much, in such a short time. Today, it competes head-on, practically surpassing the main managed hosting services on the market.

The advantages it offers fit very well with the needs of any website and, precisely for that reason, it becomes almost complete!

Do you still think it is better to make a good comparison before deciding? Enjoy and check out the best hosting services in London!

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