▷ Sales without ads? And yet it is possible!

Sales without ads?  And yet it is possible!

In this article we will see how we can increase sales through Instagram without advertising. Just using organic coverage.

Let’s start with why a business needs to focus on Instagram.

In the last two years, Instagram has become a very important marketing and sales tool, something that is recognized by marketers in all sectors. All the new tools produced by the parent company, Facebook, are being tested on Instagram. In particular, a lot of new tools have been created in the last year.

Initially, Instagram became popular due to influencer. Those who had many thousands of followers took free trips and clothes and other items from businesses to promote them. While this has confused some audiences and businesses, it has demonstrated the platform’s impact. Over time, it became clear that what matters is the building relationships.

And so, in the last two years, Instagram has become the leading platform for building relationships between businesses and customers. It has become a leading place for developing followers who are interested in the subject and who can then become an important customer base.


The most important thing on Instagram is content

As we have written many times, the content is the king! This means that you must:

  • It “brings out” emotion
  • One can relate to him
  • It is original
  • It is notable
  • It is imposing (in the sense of compelling)

At the same time, videos on either IGTV or stories are a very, very important part of the content.


Which Instagram features match the organic sales funnel?

As we are all consumers and we all buy things, some brand should have inspired us in some way.

First of all, we need to know that the brand exists. This is awareness. The next step is to intrigue us with what the brand offers. Then we start wanting what the brand offers and which leads us to become customers. These are roughly the stages of a shopping journey. And Instagram has many features that help customers navigate this path.

If we move to the side of the business to get to know our product to someone, we need visibility, that is, our product to be visible. And that’s why we need growth, that is, followers. Then we need to create interest that we can only achieve if we manage to create engagement in our posts with comments, notifications and messages.


To create desire we need leads. We need to know which of those who are following us is thinking, “Hmmm, nice idea! Let me give my email or answer the question. ” Finally, we need SALES.

This is exactly where the brand’s Instagram needs come into play. For example, stickers, live broadcasts, IGTV, comments, messages are things we use depending on the stage of sales we are in to promote our brand. Only by understanding the customer’s path can we understand what we are using when and why.

This route has the shape of a funnel. It starts wide and ends narrowly. In the wide part are all the followers but only some of them will end up in the narrow part. Our content must move accordingly along this path. The more content we offer, the more you need to focus on raising awareness. A smaller part of the content should be aimed at: letting people know what the offer is and commit to it. Then, an even smaller part of the content should create a desire for the product / service or offer and explain exactly what the product / service or offer is doing. The smallest piece of content will be related to the sale. Not all of these phases are evenly distributed. The main thing is that of awareness as we wrote above.


4 phases

The phases are: visibility, engagement, leads, sales. We don’t do everything at the same time. Not everything for the whole year. We divide it into phases.

Content for visibility

Here we create content that is shared so that followers can share it with others if they share it. That way we get good recommendations. We win word of mouth.

Hashtags help a lot here (up to 10, don’t overdo it). If it is a post, the hashtags must be very specific. In the case of stories, the hashtgs should be more general. In particular, in terms of stories, three stickers are the ones that make the difference: location, hashtags and mentions.

Finally, and in terms of visibility always, a very useful tool is IGTV.


Now is the time to see the dedication of your followers. And how will this happen; Quite simply asking for it! It’s time to dump her and move on.

The content for engagement must include a call to action (to measure loyalty). Ideally to save it or share it. What else do we need? Post with useful content, post with content for future use. And what else do we need? Stickers with question marks, polls etc.


Create leads

Leaving the phase of interest, we pass to the phase of being a potential customer. The creation of candidates, that is, leads. Here we are talking about action on the part of the audience. In a way, this is a phase that could never stop. Always be active and work in parallel with the rest.

The content we need at this stage should be such that it is answered with a direct message or a more specific comment. A bio link is not enough. It may be accompanied by a give away

Polls are a good way to create leads. The questions will be structured so that there is no “no” as an answer. Instead, there will be a “send me the link” option. So we immediately understand which user is going through the process and which is not.

Messages are extremely useful in creating leads as they stay in place forever and remind you of the product / service.


We are in the final stretch for the offer that will bring sales. The offer is on display again and again. The audience needs to know what and how in a clear way because the offers don’t last forever.

The content we need can be found in messages, bio, stories.

But basically sales are closing in on messages. That is where the bonds are formed. Anyone interested in a purchase will ask and ask again to find out what is needed and thus a relationship will be cultivated. Of course this requires work, dedication, immediacy, speed.

We can even preview users who see our stories by sending a message saying that we saw what they saw in the story and asking if they have any questions or need any information.

If all this does not work then there is the solution of advertising. But before that, give it a try!

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