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The 8 factors you should pay attention to when choosing a digital marketing agency – WAU

When thinking about implementing or expanding digital marketing strategies in a company, it is always a good idea to check whether the internal team can handle it or whether it is necessary to outsource these activities. Often, the in-house marketing team does not have the time or more specific knowledge to take care of certain tasks. […]

When thinking about implementing or expanding digital marketing strategies in a company, it is always a good idea to check whether the internal team can handle it or whether it is necessary to outsource these activities.

Often, the home marketing team does not have time or more specific knowledge to take care of certain tasks. At these times, hiring an agency can reduce the workload and complement your efforts with specialized support.

That’s where the relevance of understanding how to choose a digital marketing agency. After all, as the offer is large in the market, it is not possible to ensure that all meet your expectations with quality.

For this reason, market research can go very well in this selection process. To assist you in this decision, we have selected 8 points that you need to keep an eye on before hiring a digital marketing agency. Check it out below!

1. Define the necessary services based on your goals

Before I go looking for an agency, look inside your company. Go to your business plan and check what the marketing objectives are for the year.

Meet with your team and see what needs to be done to achieve these goals. Soon after, draw a kind of action plan with the strategies to be used and see what your internal team can execute.

With this, you will know what your marketing needs are, that is, the gaps that an outsourced service can fill.

For example, you can define that your product needs a campaign on Google Adwords.

If your team does not have much experience with this tool, a digital marketing agency can be useful and bring the desired results.

The size of your needs and expectations they will define, for example, the services that companies must offer, the size of the agencies, their specialties, the duration of the contract and whether it will be necessary to hire an agency or consultancy. After all, it also makes a difference.

Both have the role of analyzing your objectives, goals, target audience and offers, right? The point is that the agencies are also executing their action plan; consultancies guide their employees on what should be done.

2. Research the agency’s history and reputation

The first point is to check the time of existence of these companies. But it’s good not to be fooled by the numbers in this analysis.

As digital marketing is not something that old, the fact that an agency has 30 years of experience in the market may not say much, especially in relation to its expertise with internet marketing strategies.

On the other hand, decades of operation also represent consolidation in the market. Companies with more time tend to be more resilient and have more jobs to analyze.

The newest ones, especially those that were born in this century, are already more integrated with all the technological innovations and updates of digital marketing. However, the lack of greater experience or a more robust portfolio can weigh against it.

Therefore, more than just analyzing life time, it is important to pay attention to other factors, such as:

  • Services that have been aggregated over time: it is worth taking a look at how the company started and updated itself;
  • Certifications and partnerships: agencies that operate in digital marketing and are partners or certified by companies such as Hubspot, Google and Digital Results are more confident in delivering quality services;
  • Awards: more than rewarding and recognizing good works, the awards convey more credibility to the agencies, serving as a point of reference for the public;
  • News in the media: nothing like a Google search and news portals to look for some material that brings relevant information about the agencies.

3. Consider the location of the company

This issue is important for companies that value a close physical relationship.

As much as digital marketing services can be done and approved at a distance, this impersonal communication may not always be good for business. There are professionals who do not feel comfortable in dealing with more delicate matters through chats or videoconferences.

If you are a manager who likes to have face-to-face meetings and more direct contact with your business partners, the agencies in your city or region may be more interesting for your company.

Furthermore, geographical proximity favors, for example, scheduling personal visits to visit the branches’ facilities. This way, you can make sure that companies have, or do not, structure to meet their demands.

Having agencies physically close to your company may not guarantee results, but allows a more complete assessment of available offers.

If distance is not an issue for you, put agencies in other regions and states under the same contracting conditions.

4. Evaluate success cases

You can’t close with a service provider without good references, right? So be sure to research the agencies’ portfolio and see how they have helped other clients.

Usually, these companies expose part of their case on their websites or in rich materials, such as e-books and whitepapers. If access is not public, do not hesitate to contact the agencies and ask for some material to show your work.

An important detail to be analyzed is the segment of customers served. For example, if your company is in the real estate sector, then it is advisable to investigate the history of the agencies with companies and professionals in the same industry.

The size of the companies served also counts a lot. After all, if you manage the marketing of a medium-sized company, the chances of success will be greater when choosing an agency or consultancy that has extensive experience with organizations of the same size.

how to choose a digital marketing agency

5. Chat with other customers

You can further deepen this research if you get in touch with part of the clients served by the agencies.

There are companies that display their client list on the website to increase their social proof. It is as if they wanted to show: “Look, if we serve company X, we can also do a lot for you”! Some go even further and even show testimonials from satisfied customers.

In fact, all of this has great value. Meantime, it is not possible to take into account only the promotional and sales arguments of the agencies themselves.

Instead, take the time to contact these customers to schedule meetings. These meetings, virtual or physical, should deal with the relationship of these companies with the agencies, the results obtained, the level of satisfaction, in short, everything that can contribute to your research.

This is one of the most propitious moments to answer questions about the performance of these agencies.

6. Review the agency’s communication channels

When choosing a digital marketing agency, nothing is more appropriate than assessing how it takes care of its own digital marketing.

Perform this analysis as if the agency were your competitor. Look for strengths and weaknesses in all your communication and relationship channels on the internet.

You can divide this diagnosis by channels and strategies, such as:

  • site: evaluate the usability of the pages, whether they are optimized for mobile devices, etc .;
  • Blog: are the contents of good quality? Does the agency provide e-books, webinars, infographics?
  • Social networks: what are the types of posts? How do agencies relate to their followers? Do publications usually generate good engagement? Are the videos and images well produced?
  • IF THE: Select some blog posts and see where they are positioned in Google’s search results. In addition, analyze the distribution of keywords in the texts and other factors that influence the ranking of the site in search engines.

Well-done homework is always a good reference. After all, it gives you an idea of ​​how your company can be served.

7. Meet the professionals at home

Contact with the people who make the agencies work is also relevant. There are several factors to be analyzed, such as job satisfaction, history and specialties of these professionals.

Employee happiness is a significant point. It is directly linked to the motivational and productive side of employees. Finally, the better the working environment, the greater the performance and quality of the services delivered.

So, talk to people, visit agencies and feel their organizational climate. Details such as good reception, comfort and relaxation are important differentials, as they make any client feel at home.

About the history and specialties, they have to do with the technical capacity of the employees. At this point, it is good to research more about the curriculum of these professionals, their certifications, awards and references from other clients.

If the team that is responsible for taking care of your digital marketing contains many young people and newcomers to the market, value points such as determination, willingness to grow and professionalism.

8. Consider the prices charged by the agencies

Last but not least, you must take into account how much this investment will cost your company.

But here’s an important tip: don’t just think with your pocket! In times of crisis, lower prices, usually charged by small businesses and self-employed professionals, may even seem more attractive.

However, they do not guarantee the ability to serve and deliver results. So be wary of those who charge a price well below the market average.

What needs to be valued, in this regard, is the cost / benefit. It is about balancing the price, the contracted services and the quality of the agency.

Do you remember our first tip? There, we talked about understanding your needs to find out what really needs to be required from the agencies. This self-analysis is also good for saving money.

It is possible to notice, for example, that your company needs only punctual services. This way, you won’t have to spend on more complete and expensive packages.

Economy is only good if you are in a position to save. If you have the possibility to grow with digital marketing, do not hesitate to invest, as sales and customers will not fall from the sky.

Due to the number of criteria to be analyzed, choosing a digital marketing agency is not so simple.

After understanding your problems and expectations (this step is indispensable!), it is necessary to analyze the weight that each of the following factors has in its decision.

The intention is to get you to a denominator that results from the combination of all the characteristics surveyed, such as location, portfolio, reputation, price, etc. In this way, your chances of making a mistake in hiring will be greatly reduced.

More than knowing how to choose a digital agency, it is important to understand how to evaluate the work of these companies.

For this reason, we recommend reading our article with the main Marketing metrics that you must measure to validate your efforts.

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