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Top 10 Domain Sites – WAU

Do you know which are the best domain sites on the internet? So that you can choose the most appropriate for your company, in order to put your site on the air and achieve the expected results, we have produced this post.

Doing Digital Marketing is essential to generate more business opportunities through the internet. The main channel for doing this type of marketing is a website and the beginning of its construction occurs with the choice of a domain.

So that you know how to hire yours, here are the Top 10 domain sites that exist in the market.

Some people think that the domain does not have much importance in the marketing strategy because it is just an email address and that is wrong.

To understand the importance that the choice of a domain and the services offered by the company that provides it has for your company, we will address the following topics:

Come on!

What is a website domain

A domain is the URL of your website that you insert in the browser to have access to all the content that it offers. Although these contents are hosted on a server, the bridge between it and the people who visit it is done through the domain.

Because of this, some companies that offer this type of hiring also usually offer the host for hosting your website and offer the domain together in the same package to make the process of creating your website or blog easier for you.

However, if your preference is to buy the domain and server from separate companies, no problem. It is possible to make a DNS note so that all users who enter your domain in a browser can immediately see all the content on your site.

How important domain is to your business

In the same way that your company has an identity in the offline world, it also needs one in the online world. The main channel that makes up this identity is your website whose access starts from your domain.

Therefore, the domain must make clear what your company is and what it does. Here are some examples to make this explanation even clearer:

  • Websites Are Us has rockcontent.com as the domain of its official website, the choice of the extension “.com” was made considering that WAU serves both the national and international public;
  • the blog Saia do Lugar (which also belongs to Websites Are Us) has the domain Saiadolugar.com.br for being aimed at the London public and sums up in its name the proposal of the blog: helping business owners to leave the place where they are to leverage their enterprises.

What to consider when choosing a domain

Here are the main points you need to consider when hiring a web host for your business.


Unforeseen events can happen both in the offline and online world. Therefore, it is essential that the company from which you buy your domain has 24 hour support in case something happens.

In addition, the service also needs to be very good and fast. Some host companies are foreign and therefore are supported in English. If you and your team are not fluent in the language, make sure that there is support in London.


In order for you to increase your business chances from the internet, your website needs to be online all the time. After all, a potential new customer can access your site during business hours or at three in the morning.

Therefore, your website needs to have a stability that leaves it in the air all the time, this is provided by the server from the uptime. So, when hiring yours, make sure that a high percentage of uptime is provided.

Control panel

His job is to manage your website and all its functions, even if you don’t have the technical knowledge to do so.

However, today, the tools need to be suitable both for developers who live on programming and for business owners who need, in a few clicks, to manage their website.

Therefore, make sure that the control panel offered is intuitive and simple for you to use as well.


How do you know if purchasing a server is cheap or expensive? Simple, take into account all the points above and if it fits your budget to do the hiring.

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What are the best domain sites

Now that you know what needs to be considered when hiring a domain, check out the main companies in the market that offer this service.

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best known companies when it comes to domain hiring. After all, it has more than 17 million users worldwide and is also conquering the taste of Brazilians.

Premium domains are one of their market differentials. They are disputed URLs that already have owners, but that can be negotiated for you through GoDaddy teams if you really want to. Of course, the price will be much more expensive, but it can generate a lot of value and authority for your company.

An advantage of hiring GoDaddy is that the first year is cheaper, especially for .com domains.

2. UOL Host

UOL was one of the pioneers in the London internet market and UOL Host has been offering its services for over 10 years to those looking for cloud computing, hosting or domain registration offers.

Currently, it has more than 1 million registered domains, in addition to being flexible in price depending on the contracting period.

If you intend to hire other services from UOL, for example, hosting, the first year of the domain is free as long as it has the extension .online.

3. Weblink

Weblink’s main differential is the quality of customer service provided by specialists via chat, e-mail or telephone 24 hours a day.

In addition, Weblink has a variety of domains that are not restricted to .com or .com.br, but also others like .xyz that are sought by those who need a cheap domain.

Renewals are also inexpensive, unlike other companies that offer a cheaper price only in the first year.

4. Hostinger

Hostinger is sought after for both its website hosting services and domain registration. To get an idea, it manages more than 3 million domains and still offers options for small owners looking for a better value for money.

Like GoDaddy, Hostinger offers both international and national domains. Although prices are a little more expensive, renewal is cheaper, in addition to having more payment methods like BCash, Paypal, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

And, if you have any problems, customer support is 24/7 both in chat and by tickets or phone.

5. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the strongest names in the hosting market, although it also offers domain registration. One of its advantages is having a discount on the first year of hiring.

Hostgator has a variety of domains, from the most basic (such as .com or .com.br) to some aimed at serving local businesses (such as .sampa.br).

Hostgator’s management is another of its advantages, as its panel is very easy to use and has support that supports both chat and ticket.

6. RegistroBR

RegistroBR is the best known site for those who wish to buy domains from sites with the extension .com.br.

Virtually all companies that offer domain services with this extension do so through RegistroBR so that you can register yours directly with them, which can be beneficial in terms of price.

If you hire for more than 1 year, RegitroBR offers a discount on the total price, which is advantageous for those who need a London domain and are looking for a better cost-benefit in the long run.

7. Host Network

The Host Network has more than 400 thousand registered domains and includes several extensions as a contracting option.

If you choose a .com.br domain, you can get a discount if, along with the domain, you also purchase other Host Network services such as hosting for your website and professional e-mail so that you can provide an e-mail address corporate for your company.

8. Locaweb

In addition to hosting websites, Locaweb also has a domain contract. If you already have a domain, but want to transfer it to Locaweb, this is one of the differentials offered.

To transfer the local domain (that is, with the extension .com.br), the waiting time is only 1 hour.

On the other hand, if the transfer is to .com.br domain, the waiting time can be up to 7 calendar days.

Hiring can be done either by chat or by phone.

9. Hostnet

Hostnet offers a range of domains, as do its competitors. However, its differentials are found in:

  • connectivity with London servers;
  • company accredited by Registro.br;
  • offering protection against fraud and spam;
  • the same administrative panel for managing the domain and other services offered by Hostnet.

10. King Host

King Host has a domain registration offer approved by both developers and entrepreneurs who praise the simplicity of the dashboard and the efficiency of support.

In addition, occasionally, King Host brings promotions for certain domains, offering the possibility to pay cheaper in the first year of contracting, which is always advantageous for small business owners.

If you need other services, it also has, for example, website creator and domain redirection, both free.

You can see here which are the main domain sites on the market. Study calmly the pros and cons of each of them and see which one best suits the reality of your business.

To continue studying, understand the differences in domain and subdomain and which will be better for your website’s SEO!

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