▷7 tips for your e-commerce to sell more in 2016

7 tips for your e-commerce to sell more in 2016

Some tips that will make 2016 the best year ever!

The year 2016 promises to be a great challenge for the owners of e-commerce in London. Customers are more afraid to buy and search more and more, always looking for the best offers. To be able to continue selling in 2016, you need to do, essentially, 7 things. Let’s talk a little bit about.

1. Increase customer confidence

With less money available to purchase products, the customer will only make the decision to buy something if he really feels confident in the online store. For that reason, you have to remove all potential doubts that he has. Check out some of the most common ones:


If the customer has these doubts in mind, forget it: he will not buy. The best way to remove these doubts is to have a chat on your website. Click here right now, install the chat on your site for free and start increasing your sales now.

2. Promote your products in the right way

Reaching the right audience has never been more important than now. In times of crisis, getting your message across to the right potential customer represents a much cheaper cost per acquisition. And to do that, nothing better than using social media. Check out some articles where we already talked about it:

3. Social evidence

number of customers

Does your online store already have customers? Perfect! Use those same customers as social proof. The best way to do this is to put some testimonials on your home page or on the product pages. This increases the confidence of the future customer because he knows that he is buying at a store with some prestige. Check out how we do it here at WAUc


4. Work the SEO

If you have never been too concerned with the placement of your e-commerce on search engines, 2016 is the right year for that. Look for some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course, apply this to your store and keep track of the metrics. With the crisis, searches for the best options increase and you need to be well positioned to be found by potential customers!

5. Less can be more

In an attempt to increase sales, many e-commerce owners end up placing more products in their stores. However, the effect is not always the desired one. With more products, the potential customer may feel confused and take longer to make their decision. Sometimes, decreasing the number of products can boost your sales.

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6. Run more A / B tests

Another way to make better use of the number of people who visit your site is through A / B tests on your pages. In this type of test, you randomly place several pages and analyze them to see which one is performing better

These tests can be done on product pages, checkout pages or even pop ups on your website. Check out some of the tests that, for example, Barack Obama did during his election campaign:



7. Encourage the first purchase

Several studies prove that, after making the first purchase, the customer more easily makes a new purchase in the online store. For you to be able to eliminate the barrier of the first purchase, the best way is to give some incentive to the potential customer. Offer a discount, give free shipping or give a second product after he buys the first. The important thing is that the customer has the first shopping experience in your e-commerce!

This can all be done through a proactive invitation from Websites Are Us, for example. Check out the potential of having an online chat in your store and boost your results.