▷CoViD19: contact your audience for free!

CoViD19: contact your audience for free!

The good news is that the need for continuous information has sent (and maintains) a lot of people online, which makes it easier to approach and even free!

The main vehicle in this effort is the main electronic platforms: Google, Facebook, Instagram. Let’s see how.


Update your Google My Business listing

Every self-respecting company has such a listing, which shows its basic data, operating hours, map location, product photos, etc. However, various restrictions (schedule changes, delivery method, etc.) may apply. significantly change the daily life of the business. Updating the listing to include the current status is important so that users can have reliable information. Let’s not forget that Google is the first place to look for information on anything you are looking for. What to look out for:

  • During opening hours,
  • Any changes concerning Covid19 (protection measures, etc.),
  • The category in which the company operates, field extremely important since it depends on where the company’s data is displayed,
  • Google posts (more below)


Create a Google post

Yes, post. Just like you would on Facebook. The only difference is that on Facebook users see your posts as they spend their time while on Google they see them after doing very specific searches and to solve very specific problems. You can post a variety of things, from current news updates (always in relation to your business) to offers to entice the audience. Google has even created a special section Covid19 where relevant information is gathered from many companies.

Write blog posts

The internet is full of corona-related content, which appears up and down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be on the first page of results. The trick is to aim to appear in searches with large phrases that naturally suit your products and audience. You can even tag your area in the post for even more targeted and effective communication.


Live broadcasts

In recent months, live video tracking has increased by 50%! What should you do? Go live and answer any questions related to the coronaio and your job, how your professional life has changed, what you do differently, what measures you had to take and so on. You can also save these videos for later use on your site, YouTube or elsewhere.


Draw a gift

Make an informal competition to increase sales. Set a time limit for orders and draw an extra gift on any of the orders that will be collected. This move will help to create traffic in your store (electronic or physical), while at the same time it will raise the mood of the public, given the concern in which we all live.

Declare presence

Although the internet is full of tips, articles and information about Covid19, it’s a good idea to have one too. Always in relation to your product and without the slightest need to say something groundbreaking. Say (write) something true and something practical!



Use hashtags related to Covid19

Hashtags are a free and powerful way to maximize your visibility. Regardless of corona. But especially now, you can take advantage of the hashtags related to the crown and win appearances. Don’t settle for simple # covid19, look for more searched hashtags to help your posts stand out, e.g. #covidsnacks, #covidfashion, #covidfitness etc, etc, etc.

Write caption-friendly captions

You can refer to many issues. You can for example:

  • Raise the morale of your audience,
  • Give health and safety advice,
  • Update
  • Promote specific offers such as “pick up from the sidewalk” or “available”.


Before closing, it is worth mentioning two categories of platforms. These are the message platforms (Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber), on both meeting platforms (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.) on the other hand, which are a valuable tool for serving and communicating with customers for many reasons.

Messaging platforms because they facilitate communication, either in person or in groups, and are widely used to serve customers. The volume of customer messages in the past was huge and required quick management. With apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, processing can be done very quickly.

Meeting platforms have helped a large number of small and medium-sized businesses, such as tutoring centers, gyms and other services, maintain their daily lives, continuing to serve their customers even remotely. Many companies have turned to long-distance service solutions directly and with excellent results on many levels:

  • maintaining their customer base (and therefore their revenue),
  • pumping new customers through word of mouth from already satisfied,
  • creating a reputation around the way they reacted and managed the problem in which they found themselves.

With the current health crisis, the way many companies operate on a daily basis has changed very, very quickly. Even deniers of technology welcomed its benefits and began to use it. Now, it seems that everything mentioned above will remain in the post-coronary era.

Article Writing: Filalithi Happiness

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