▷How to serve a customer well with online chat

How to serve a customer well with online chat

Today, online chat is considered the best service channel in the digital environment. According to multiple surveys and statistics obtained from various online chats, it has the highest satisfaction rate among consumers who need service while browsing the pages of SaaS companies, online stores and even on social networks.

However, this does not mean that installing online chat on your page is enough to generate more business, turn visitors into customers and retain them. In order to achieve these goals, it is important to know how to serve a customer well with online chat, and that is exactly what we will talk about in this article.

Check out the various customer service tips and learn how to reach the maximum potential of this service channel.

1. Be proactive

The first point to improve your service through online chat is not to wait for the consumer to come to you, but to be responsible for initiating service sessions.

All professional online chat tools offer the feature known as proactive invitations, as is the case with Websites Are Us itself.

With it, you can set up personalized messages and invite visitors to a conversation through chat pop-ups, automatically opened.

The biggest advantage is exactly the possibility of creating different messages for visitors on different pages. For example, a message for the product page and another for the checkout page. For example:

Product page: “Hi, do you have any questions about the product or need help finding the best option for you? Talk to me here in the chat! ”

Checkout page: “Hello, have any questions about our payment methods, shipping or delivery time? I am on hand to help you! ”

2. Offer the shortest response time

According to a study by Invesp, response time stands out among the main reasons that result in high levels of satisfaction in relation to online chat service – 79% of consumers say that the possibility of talking to the company immediately is the greatest channel differential.

Therefore, in order to meet your customers’ expectations in the chat, it is important to respond as quickly as possible.

When compared to other service channels, the average chat response time is the shortest among all, being, on average, 48 seconds according to data from a survey conducted in 2018 and presented by 99 Firms;

For this, there are still some resources that can help you to speed up the service, such as:

  • Response shortcuts: allow your team to simply type a command in the chat and send a full text saved in advance;

  • Message preview: allow the operator to see what the visitor is typing before the message is sent;

  • Automatic translator for conversations with customers who do not speak London.

All of this helps you to solve problems faster, which consequently also optimizes your team’s performance.

Optimize your response time

3. Be friendly and cordial

It may seem like an obvious tip on how to serve a customer well, but the reality is that using the right language and always being friendly – regardless of the situation presented by the consumer – can make all the difference.

It is true that the customer is not always right. That is exactly why it is necessary to train your team so that you can get around situations where customers are frustrated and also so that you can offer a pleasant service experience.

4. Have empathy

Having empathy in customer service means being able to really understand what the problem is presented by the consumer so that you can offer the product or service that can best serve you.

A still very common example of a lack of empathy is when a representative of your sales team or customer service operator simply offers the most expensive product without worrying about the specific needs of the consumer.

In fact, we highly recommend you check out our article on how to apply SPIN Selling in your business, this sales methodology can help you generate more business.

5. Customize the service

No visitor wants to feel just like “one more” when contacting their service team – this is a truth that applies to any channel, not just online chat.

Therefore, always think about how you can personalize the consumer’s shopping experience according to the preferences, interests and demands presented at least.

For that, you can even apply sales techniques like upsell * or * cross sell through a chat service and present alternatives and products that can complement or enhance the purchase.

6. Enjoy the convenience offered by online chat

Professional online chat solutions typically come equipped with a wide variety of features designed to help you impress consumers and sell more.

Some examples of extremely convenient features that you can take advantage of during a conversation are:

  • File transfer: can help you quickly send proposals, contracts, user manuals, among other documents;

  • Possibility to transfer the service to another operator, if necessary;

  • Distribution of chats according to their departments;

  • Forms for obtaining data (such as email, address) and other information;

  • Offline forms so you can continue to answer even when no operator is available;

  • Among others.

It is precisely because of these features that it is worth investing in a professional online chat and not just serving your consumers through a chat application like WhatsApp.

7. Be prepared to exit the script

It is important that your sales and service team has enough autonomy to leave the script when necessary, as long as it means recovering a frustrated customer, or a lost sale, among other critical situations.

Of course, the idea is not just to ignore the script, but to have a plan B or C for adverse situations.

So we must remember again about the importance of training your team so that they can do the best job possible. In addition, always keep them motivated.

8. Collect contact information

Collecting contact information may not seem like a tip on how to serve a customer well, but it certainly is.

After all, your customers’ information is extremely relevant to your business and, in this way, you can convert them from just visitors to registered leads in a segmented way in your email base, for example.

With this, it will be possible to personalize the sending of email marketing campaigns and optimize your strategies to increase the chances of engagement.

9. Schedule follow-ups

This is a tip that complements the previous one. By obtaining contact information from your customers, you will be able to manage the relationship in a more structured way – especially if your online chat is integrated with a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management).

Thus, it will be easy to follow the steps of your sales funnel and identify what are the next steps and tasks related to the sale, such as: sending a quote, charging a return, closing an order, sending a satisfaction survey.

Schedule follow-ups with a CRM system

10. Don’t overdo chatbots

Finally, we certainly couldn’t stop talking about using chatbots to support online chat.

Programs often based on artificial intelligence can be really practical for your company. However, the truth is that, according to a survey presented by Forbes itself, its customers prefer to speak to a human attendant.

After all, chatbots sin in many ways compared to a member of your team, such as a lack of empathy and an inability to deal with complicated situations (such as frustrated customers) and getting out of the script when necessary.

However, they are still good at answering the most basic questions and even keeping your chat going during the time your team is unavailable.

Did you learn how to serve a customer well with chat?

We hope that these tips can help you improve your results, generate more business opportunities and make more and more customers satisfied with the services offered through this online service channel.

Now, if you don’t already use a chat on your page, it’s time to identify why it is worth investing in this channel and installing Websites Are Us for free on your website.

Good sales!