▷Learn how to improve your e-commerce’s Customer Journey

Learn how to improve your e-commerce's Customer Journey

The customer journey is the path that a person takes from the moment they interact with a brand for the first time until the moment they complete a purchase. The first interaction can be through social networks, ads and even on your blog. In addition, it is clear that your interaction with the user does not end at the e-commerce checkout, it is essential to continue communication and work in the post-sale to retain customers.

A lot happens between the first interaction and the finalization of the purchase, but it is very important to be aware of all this path and to work everywhere in order to improve as much as possible your customer’s journey in your e-commerce and your experience. purchase.

When a company ignores the importance of improving the customer journey, it will be missing out on excellent opportunities or may even lose interested consumers.

Want to know how to improve your e-commerce customer journey? Check out our article with tips and the step by step for that.

Know your audience

The first step, of course, is to get to know your target audience better. To be able to create good content and plan your marketing strategies well that will be used in your client’s journey, it is essential to know how to communicate and, for this, it is essential to know the person you are talking to.

So, thinking about it, define your brand persona and record your characteristics, such as problems, needs and tastes. With this, you will be able to segment better and more efficiently, avoiding any mistakes in creating content.

The persona is a representation of what would be the ideal customer for your online store. There are some basic information that you should know: objectives and challenges, what type of information do you like to consume and in which vehicles, needs, motivations and others.

To know all this information, just ask your customers! Create question and answer boxes on Instagram Stories, ask questions in social media posts, use survey forms in exchange for ebooks, for example.

Knowing these details you can draw a complete profile of what your customer is like. If you see differences, that’s fine! It is possible that your business has more than one persona, ok?

Check the website

It is really very important that your online store works perfectly, without any friction that could drive visitors away. Anything that interrupts your customer’s experience within your e-commerce can make them leave and never come back.

So, make sure your website is intuitive, simple and easy to navigate. That is, well-positioned buttons, several products well organized in the store’s home, well-defined categories and a transparent checkout.

Checkout is one of the most important parts of the store. It is essential that it is transparent. One Page Checkout is a very practical and fast model, where all the checkout steps take place on just one page. This increases the store’s sales, improves the customer experience and even decreases the abandonment of carts! Incredible, isn’t it?

Also think about a very beautiful and flashy design. The visual part of the virtual store has a great impact on the user experience within the virtual environment, it can be decisive for the purchase or not. Therefore, use colorful and professional banners, images of high quality products and in various angles and harmonic colors.

In addition, when it comes to the functionality of your website, it is essential to talk about the e-commerce platform. Poorly designed or questionable platforms can create a number of problems for you and your business.

To obtain a good performance in your virtual store, having a well-equipped e-commerce platform is one of the fundamental points. In addition to ensuring the modernization of your trade, it reduces costs.

Make an e-commerce blog

The e-commerce blog is the gateway for consumers to get to know details about your company, answer questions, and the best: consume your quality content and get to know your products. A blog has the power to generate authority, recognition, attract qualified leads, facilitate store sales and even signal that your business is a reference in the market in which it operates, did you know?

The reasons for this investment are many – and you could talk about them even more or you can read this special post on “What are the advantages of blog for e-commerce”!

Prioritize good service

Serving well is something of extreme importance for essentially any type of business. And, if your goal is to improve the customer journey in your e-commerce, paying attention to the shopping experience is essential.

The first step in serving your customers and potential customers well is knowing how to listen. No consumer wants to feel like “just one more” when talking to their sales and service team, so it is important to really focus your attention on the needs, challenges and interests of each customer.

Another cool tip that makes a difference is to improve response time. Response time is one of the main metrics and performance indicators related to customer service. It represents the average interval from the first attempt to contact the customer to the first response. The longer your response time, the worse your chances of converting customers through service.

To optimize your responses use automation tools, such as WhatsApp Business. Remember that serving well is something that must occur in all communication channels in which your company is present. So, stay tuned on social media, marketplaces, online store, messaging apps and other media you use.

Now that you’ve got this far, you already understand how to improve your e-commerce customer journey and check out the best tips for that. I hope you enjoyed our content. If you want to follow more posts like this, see more content of this type here!

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