▷What are Google Quality Criteria? Tips for Creating a High Quality Site 2020

Google Kalite Kriterleri

In users’ search results quality sites Google is in constant development and progress to achieve. The purpose of Google is to identify quality websites and offer the site that offers the best, most original and most useful content to the user. Google is primarily concerned with user experience. That’s why website owners should work on their sites to maximize user experience. A website that ignores the user experience, never for Google quality site cannot reach its status. Google Quality Criteria and Tips for Creating a High Quality Site are in this article.

Which Sites are Good for Google?

The purpose of Google quality websites is to help users find these websites by identifying and ranking them in the search results. OK then Which websites are good for Google? There are many criteria for a website to be quality for Google. Google criteria:

Many websites aim to get good rankings in search results without optimizing the website for users. Consider the criteria we have listed above. Identify the shortcomings on your site. If your content contains poor quality content, it affects the entire site. If your content contains poor quality, non-original, sloppy, and non-user-friendly content, reorganize them. Make these contents more useful and quality. If you want your site to come to good places in the long term, you should definitely pay attention to these criteria.

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