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Want to know how to activate WordPress support? WordPress is one of the most popular blog publishing platforms and CMS today, used by Content Marketing professionals, who compose a wide range of Digital Marketing strategies.

The tool is incredibly useful for people with limited technical knowledge and that is why it has become so popular. However, in order to take full advantage of the platform’s resources and inhibit errors that commonly can harm the users experience, it is necessary to know how to manage all its functionality.

If you have a personal or corporate website, received an error message or simply want to know how to learn how to deal with such a powerful tool for your strategy, continue reading this article!

In this post, you will see:

What are the situations in which WordPress support is indicated?

Due to the customization options available, the back end of each WordPress site will always be different. This can be frustrating, for example, for agencies that manage multiple client accounts and must deal with different configurations.

Users who do not have a lot of experience with the tool are also more prone to difficult situations and, as the configuration is personalized, there is no single solution for the entire platform.

Many routine situations can be resolved with a little patience and consultation with trusted sites and forums, but some problems are more serious. For this reason, it is recommended to consult the specialized support. We list some examples of these situations below.


The WordPress platform allows complete customization of pages, in relation to themes, URL definition, meta description and page title that appear on search engines.

Many users want the site to be optimized with SEO and social media techniques and enable in-depth analysis of the data generated by types of access, for example. For this, it is necessary to download several plugins, and that means changing the entire installation schedule so that the site works correctly.

There is a wide variety of options that make it possible to create a unique website, for anyone with minimal knowledge of the tool.

However, as the user delves into a model beyond the basic features, the learning curve becomes steep, as custom WordPress layouts require fully coded pages.

In the long run, this can create significant difficulties for individuals with little knowledge, even for simpler edits: more advanced customization options require a solid understanding of different code languages.

A qualified professional can guide the use of plugins for essential components of a Digital Marketing strategy, such as e-mail and social media support, so that campaigns are not harmed and reports are generated to increase the site’s ability to adapt to demands and strengthen the strategies chosen in the long term.

There are many plugins and some may be incompatible with the chosen theme or with other add-ons that run on the website.

In addition, even if all the necessary plugins are added, it is still possible to be at a disadvantage, since the more plugins are in operation, the slower the navigation will become, which can harm the end user experience and the ranking of the website .


WordPress uses an open source framework for many aspects of the site, which means that programmers can access the page’s source code to see how it works or adapt it based on their needs.

While this can be seen as a positive aspect, can also increase the vulnerability of the site, since the transparency of the code makes it easier for hackers, who always look for security holes. With dedicated support, it is possible to minimize risks and inhibit this type of action.


Precisely to inhibit these security flaws, WordPress releases many updates. Although essential, this change can make certain plugins incompatible. This is a situation where WordPress support is also essential.


The loading time of a page is essential for an efficient marketing strategy. This speed problem can occur due to excessive plugins and generic code that does not contribute to the overall functionality of the website.

Among the consequences of slow loading, visitors’ frustration is the most damaging: when they leave the site, the company loses customers with great potential for conversion. In addition, Google penalizes low-speed pages by damaging their ranking as it uses this aspect in its algorithm for ranking relevance.
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How does WordPress support work?

Premium, faster, dedicated and official WordPress support is paid. But there are companies that offer assistance for a monthly fee, which means that it is also possible to get instant responses indirectly.

These companies are usually made up of experts who have been dealing with the tool for a long time: they help with website maintenance and updates, backups, add CSS, answer questions, offer more comprehensive packages, including plugins, and fix problems since security breaches up to page loading speed.

Hiring a developer can also be a more economical way to solve problems and even receive assistance in managing the site in the long term.

Nevertheless, it is possible to make the most of official sources of support, as long as it is properly done:

  • if the question is related to the use of the WordPress administrator, start with the help pages on the WordPress panel itself;
  • search the developer manual, the library is very comprehensive and will certainly point out the best answer to a question related to the tool;
  • use the search box in the upper right corner of the WordPress.org website, but also consider the possibility of using search tools, such as Google, which can direct to the official website and still correct spelling errors and point out a wider range of results .

Are there support options for free WordPress?

WordPress offers the option to participate in forums, consult a very comprehensive documentation to solve the main problems encountered by users when using the tool or direct contact in real time.


The forums are based on the local community, participation is unlimited and, due to the high level of information, it is a excellent opportunity to learn and share experiences in solving problems. They are organized in topics, to facilitate the user’s search and range from the most popular to the solved and unsolved.

To get help, just create a new topic in the appropriate forum; the user is encouraged to open a demand even if it is similar to another problem, since websites are unique and this leads to different searches. In addition, it is possible to bookmark the request to receive notifications by email and track responses to the topic.

After testing the recommended solutions, the user is also encouraged to return to the topic with the results, to inform the other participants if the solution worked or not and, thus, help others later, in a collaborative process that increasingly enhances the community.

Another form of participation is to offer help: just look for a topic or forum of interest and reply to topics, so there is a list of unanswered topics.

Even without knowing the answer, the user can also follow the discussion, just activate the notification alert to see any updates and learn a little more about WordPress.

Support documentation

The WordPress support manual contains tips and advice to improve the user experience on the platform. It is also prepared by the community from ten years of experience of the support given to WordPress.

The document library and tutorials are also made up of videos that help even users with no WordPress experience. An exclusive manual is also available for codes, themes and plugins.

Live chat support

Although there is no WordPress contact number, users can get real-time assistance through direct contact with the tool’s engineering sector. The option is available to WordPress subscribers who have joined the Personal, Premium or Commercial plans.

Chat is available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday and for a few hours also on the weekend. To use this option, simply fill in the Contact Us form while accessing your WordPress account. If the professionals are busy, the user receives a response by email.

Attention, this option is limited to some accounts, that is, it is not available for users with sites hosted on WordPress.org or for those with free accounts.

Many problems can become frequent when accessing WordPress. Some of the most common include syntax errors, in plugins and RSS feeds. They point out error messages that, while common and the wide range of resources available for support, can become a major inconvenience.

That is why it is important to better understand the operation of the platform to determine the cause of this type of message., perform the correction and avoid triggering support for WordPress.

Since the vast majority are configured in a personalized way, it can be difficult to diagnose a specific problem and correct the error without the help of a qualified developer.

We have selected content that can help you better understand these errors: check out the article Learn how to fix the 20 most common WordPress errors and deepen your knowledge of this tool.

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