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You knew there are several formats of post WordPress? Not many users know about this feature, and very few who use it regularly.

What does it mean that there are various WordPress post formats?

At present, ten different formats are supported. However, it is important to note that not all themes include this functionality. It is in fact at the discretion of the developer to decide which formats to include and which not.

What are ten different formats for?

In this guide, I will introduce you to the various types of post that can be created (obviously if included in the theme that you have installed on your site).

Although the texts are extremely important for the placement on wl-thing”>search engine (to learn more, read the 100 SEO questions and answers) you don’t need a blog is exclusively a collection of texts. Quite the contrary. Users like to have access to resources in different formats: for example, video, audio, images, etc.

The various formats of wl-thing”>post WordPress they are just for this: to visualize in an optimal way content of different types.

Let’s see immediately what are the formats provided by the platform WordPress (for the purpose of this guide, the wl-creative-work”>theme the reference point I will use is Hueman. It is an excellent free template that I have recently tested. Click here to read the review).

Note! There display of the various formats varies according to the chosen template.

I also address this topic in the WordPress video course, the simple and practical course to learn how to use WordPress effortlessly and carry out your online business project. Visit the page of our video courses.

Post formats available on WordPress


The classic wl-thing”>post Visual Editor or with wl-thing”>tag html in the Text Editor.

You can also enrich it by entering wl-thing”>file media like images, video, audio and others between one paragraph and another.


In this case, you can integrate a wl-thing”>file audio inimage in evidence of post. In the case of Hueman, it is simply necessary to load the wl-thing”>file audio in your Media Library and insert theURL in one of the fields personalized post.

To see the live preview on the demo of Hueman, just visit the official website of the topic.

It is important to note that even if you create a post in audio format, using this theme you can still publish within thearticle all the text you want.


The “Digression” format is very similar to a post standard. Simply, the title of thearticle.


This is one of the formats of post WordPress more interesting. Useful if you happen to want to report conversations that took place via chat, e-mail, or even verbally; or if you are one writer and you want to publish the dialogues you have created.

In the live version of the post the dialogue will be displayed with a clear distinction of the various people participating in the conversation.

WordPress post format - chat


This format is used to best display the images that you wish to include in thearticle. In Hueman’s case, simply enter i file media within post and select “Gallery” as the format. The photos will automatically appear in a slider at the top of thearticle.


A format similar to the Gallery format, where only one is included image.

Even in this case, you can still insert text at your convenience and also other photographs inside thearticle.


If the post what you are creating is, for example, a review, presentation to another site or in any case you wish to refer to another page web, I recommend using this format.

Inserting theURL that you want to highlight in a custom field, this will be formatted and displayed in text at thearticle, with maximum visibility.

WordPress post formats - links


Quotes and aphorisms are very popular both on wl-thing”>blog than on social media. If there is a quote that you particularly like, use this format to highlight it.

WordPress post formats - quote


The state format creates a post similar to the updates published on Twitter or Facebook: short but very evident.

Like Digression, this format has no title.


Finally, let’s see the Video format. This type of post it is very similar to the Audio one; it serves in fact to highlight a video that you uploaded inside thearticle.

Even in this case, you can still include all the text you want within the post real.

These are the ten types of wl-thing”>post that you can use on As you have seen, choose a format suitable for content that you want to highlight can greatly increase its visibility. But not all wl-creative-work”>WordPress themes include the 10 formats: now that you know this feature, I advise you to check which types of articles can be created before choosing a theme for your place.

Other information and useful guides

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WordPress hosting


In this guide we have listed what i am different formats of post WordPress that you can use depending on the theme chosen by you. THE post are ideal for creating blog, news, events and any content which represents an update. If you want to show your users that your site is alive and well and that it is frequently updated i post I’m the one for you.

As mentioned, it is essential to choose the right type of post according to content and as always WordPress it meets us with ten different types: Standard, Audio, Digression, Chat, Gallery, Image, links, Quote, Status and Video.

You already knew this platform functionality WordPress?

Have you ever used it?

The wl-creative-work”>theme that you have installed on your site allows you to create various formats of post?

As always, I’m very interested in knowing yours opinion and your experience. See you in the comments below!


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