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The convenience of a hosting not only seen from the price, but from what services are included in that price, and without a doubt i free services SiteGround they are very beneficial.

Most of the hosting it merely creates extremely basic plans and then offers paid services that are essential. As a result, the cost of the basic plan can also be quite cheap, but then you will be forced to add extra functions to which you can not do without. And soon you find yourself spending far more than you expect.

In this guide I would like to introduce you to i free services offered by SiteGround that you often don’t find in other people’s plans hosting.

Free SiteGround services: what is included in hosting plans

From the domain, to the transfer of the site, to the excellent support service, this is what SiteGround’s convenience consists of.

Free domain

SiteGround offers one year free domain to anyone who subscribes to one of their plans hosting, for the most common extensions: .it, .com, .net, .eu, .org, .biz, .info. National specific extensions (.ch,, .fr etc.) are excluded from the offer, while other general extensions (.club, .clothing, .bike etc.) are discounted up to 35%.

Also other hosting providers offer the domain free or at a very low price for the first subscription period, but sometimes they only include the .it or .com domains in the offer.

Unlimited email accounts

Free SiteGround services - unlimited email accounts

Lot of hosting they provide a decidedly limited number of email accounts with their own domain name, some only 10, others even 3. Others still provide professional email only for a fee. The free service SiteGroundinstead, it offers a number unlimited of email accounts.

WordPress installation with one click

Thanks to SiteTools and the automatic installer, with SiteGround you can install with a click WordPress and all the main CMS. Forget complicated installations that require infinite steps: enter your site data, password, and in a few moments your site WordPress will be ready to be personalized. This is also a free service.

WordPress Starter Plugin

Thanks to the pre-installed WordPress Starter plugin, you can configure your first WordPress site with a simple wizard that will install the features you need and a free theme of your choice. In a few minutes your site will be ready and you will only have to add your content.


SiteGround offers free services even for the most experienced customers, this is why WP-CLI, the tool for managing advanced functions of WordPress command line that allows you to configure settings that are not accessible from the WordPress.

Site builder

If you are not interested in using WordPress or another CMS, you can rely on the site builder of SiteGround, which allows you to create web pages without any technical knowledge, simply by using drag-and-drop. It can be useful to quickly create temporary pages while creating your actual site with WordPress (or any other system).

Site migration

If you buy a GrowBig or GoGeek plan, you can ask the technicians of SiteGround the free transfer service of your site from old to new hosting. The migration takes place quickly and in a totally safe way. If you want to transfer your site independently WordPress, you can use the SiteGround Migrator plugin, simple and free.

SiteGround Migrator plugin to transfer your site to Siteground

Speed ​​tools

THE free services SiteGround to improve the speed of your site are SuperCacher, their caching system, CloudFlare CDN, which uses CDN to make your site fast anywhere in the world, and the versions of PHP and HTTP2 always updated.

Security tools

As for security, SiteGround offers free SSL certificates and automatic updates of all CMS and plugins. If, on the other hand, you prefer to update manually, you can disable the option.


One of the free services SiteGround than others hosting although they are not fundamental, they do not provide for the possibility of creating up to 30 automatic backups per day. With this option included in all plans, you can have the peace of mind of keeping your work safe from day one.

Support 24/7

The extraordinary support of SiteGround, included in all plans, consists of 24-hour assistance. The methods of contacting the support are different: ticket, phone or chat. And most importantly, you have a staff of expert technicians at WordPress, who also speak Italian.

I want to dwell on this point, since generally the assistance services of the hosting they merely solve problems that concern exclusively i server, to then send customers back to the support of the various CMS or plugins if the malfunctions continue. Furthermore, the fact of being able to communicate in our native language is very very important, since we are talking about technical subjects.

Discount Offer + Gift with Websites Are Us

Finally, whatever plan you choose to subscribe to, you will be entitled to our 60% discount + gift offer. We help you to start your website or to transfer your existing site you will receive exclusive gifts to create your website independently.

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With this article I wanted to explain that i free services SiteGround they make all their plans really convenient, and you can be sure that most of them hosting not only does it not offer these tools for free, but sometimes it does not even include them for a fee.

Do you think the services of SiteGround are they useful and convenient?

Or do you think it would be cheaper to pay less at the beginning, and then buy the services separately?

I am curious to read your opinion. Leave us a comment!

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