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Have you decided to create a blog but are you very confused about what it should look like, about the features, even about the topic to be addressed? Don’t worry, in this guide you will find several examples of WordPress blogs from which to take inspiration.

I offer you interesting ideas thanks to excellent blogs that deal with very distant topics, so you can awaken your creativity and finally create the blog of your dreams.

All the blogs I’m talking about are made with WordPress, but each of them has something special, from the graphics to the features, from the writing style to the choice of the structure.

8 examples of WordPress blogs to draw inspiration from

The blogs I have chosen for this guide are all Italian and have gained some success in their sector.

I have chosen very varied topics but the features that I would like to point out to you can be used for blogs of many different types.

1) Examples of WordPress blogs on fitness and nutrition: Runtastic

Runtastic blog

runtastic is a fitness app that has been hugely successful thanks to the combination of sport with social media. Let’s go immediately to see the Italian blog.

The home page is characterized by large images and little text: in fact, we limit ourselves to the title within the image and three preview lines of the content. But under each title, in addition to the publication date, there is also the evaluation of the article with the use of the classic stars.

Having entered the “Success stories” in the menu was, in my opinion, a very clever idea, an alternative to the classic “testimonials” and certainly more effective.

I am sure that here you will find many ideas for the site of your fitness activity.

2) Examples of WordPress blogs at work: Digital Nomads

THE Digital nomads they are a reference point for anyone who decides to undertake a job without giving up the freedom to move around the world.

As you can see, the blog is aimed at a specific target: the typical user is young, ambitious, technological, a lover of travel and independence. It is therefore an audience characterized by a specific lifestyle. Consequently, the topics covered are very specific and the language used is simple, clear and direct.

3) Examples of WordPress blogs about cooking: Misya

Examples of WordPress blogs: Misya

I already told you about Misya’s blog with an interview with the founder. I therefore invite you to see it to discover all the secrets of its success.

Now, however, I have chosen this blog to show you how a site, even very complex and full of sections, can be easily navigated, if you will be able to build a well-organized menu and if you will highlight the most important parts within the home page.

4) Examples of WordPress blogs on wellness: The Yoga Monkey

Between the choice of colors and the font used for the titles, The Yoga Monkey manages to convey a sense of good humor even just looking at it.

The use of colors on the web is very important to be able to convey the right emotion that your visitor is looking for, because it is precisely in that emotion that the deepest meaning of the expression “user experience” is contained. Being able to put the user at ease from the first glance on your page must be a primary objective.

5) Examples of WordPress blogs on art: Sensations of Art

Examples of WordPress blogs: Sensations of art

If you love art in all its forms, Sensations of Art it will certainly give you a boost to create a blog that talks about your passion.

The blog is characterized by large images of excellent quality, and, like all websites full of photographs, this could create some difficulties in the speed of the pages. If you are venturing into a similar project, follow our tips to optimize images and improve the performance of your blog.

The choice of font, light and uncluttered, creates a perfect balance with the colors of the photos.

6) Examples of WordPress blogs on engines: FormulaPassion

For all motorsport fans, the blog FormulaPassion can especially help in choosing the layout.

In fact, a homepage full of images of different sizes allows you to highlight all the contents on which you want to draw attention, while a journalistic style characterizes the layout of the articles, allowing the visitor a better concentration in reading.

The countdown to the next Grand Prix is ​​interesting, with times for the whole weekend included.

7) Examples of WordPress blogs on gossip: Gossip

With a very feminine appearance, gossip it’s perfect for the audience it refers to.

Given the topic, it is important to update frequently, and in fact several posts are published every day. In this way, those who love gossip know that every time they enter the site they will find something new.

A great way to gain the trust of new visitors and turn them into returning visitors.

8) Examples of WordPress blogs on moms: 50 Shades of Mom

WordPress Blog 50 Shades of Mom

Last example of this guide, a blog dedicated to mothers. Here, too, the images constitute an important feature, to the point of also appearing in the menu and submenus on mouse-over.

Other useful tips: the right hosting

As we often recommend, good structure or attractive graphics are not enough for the success of a blog. What is needed is also a good quality of everything underneath: the “invisible” part of a blog is fundamental.

So take inspiration from the best examples of WordPress blogs also as regards performance and reliability.

Successful blogs, in fact, rely primarily on excellent quality hosting. If you choose SiteGround, for example, you can be sure that your site will never have down periods, thanks to the guaranteed uptime percentage of 99.99%.

In addition, performance and speed always at maximum are guaranteed both by the highest quality hardware, thanks, for example, to the SSD disks and the Cloudflare CDN, and by software that improves performance, such as the SuperCacher system.

The choice of the best hosting also guarantees greater security, since cutting-edge and always up-to-date malware protection systems and hacker attacks are active.

Finally, the best hosts provide specialized technical support available 24 hours a day, such as SiteGround Italia assistance, also available in our language.

If you have decided to create your WordPress blog and buy a hosting plan on SiteGround, using our link you will also have our free WordPress course! You will learn how to make your blog and find all the advice you need.

If, on the other hand, you already have a WordPress blog and you are looking to improve it, I recommend that you immediately transfer your site to SiteGround: you can use the new SiteGround Migrator tool, a very simple plugin that will allow you to complete the passage independently.

Other useful tips: Yoast SEO

What can you still copy from these successful WordPress blog examples? Definitely their SEO monitoring and management system. Almost all major WordPress blogs use Yoast SEO as a tool to improve their ranking.

If you are starting, you can also use the free version, which certainly has excellent features to improve your content and start seeing some results within the SERP.

If you are already a little further ahead, I recommend instead using the Yoast premium version, which allows you to set multiple keywords for the same page and also helps you in creating internal links.

WordPress hosting


The examples of WordPress blogs that I proposed to you all contain some very interesting ideas for blogs of any type, topic, structure and public.

Surely now you will have ideas from which to start and to develop and customize for the creation of your blog.

Which feature did you like most?

Do you have other interesting ideas to suggest?

Write it in the comments.


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