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    It is a classic, believe it or not! that I usually see in Support, where a client asks how to recover a post from a backup, because he has been making changes, has not taken the precaution of making a backup, and Zassss! he has lost it and now what? Well, let’s talk about how Export Import Post and WordPress Pages in a zip file.

    You also do not get an idea of ​​the odyssey that is to recover a single post from a full backup of the Hosting, it is a bit like stunning a fly with a kitchen saucepan … I do not know if the remedy ends up being worse than the problem! !

    I want to explain how you can export 1, 3 or all WordPress Posts (also Pages) in a ZIP file to have it as a quick backup, only from that publication … or because you want to try another WordPress theme in another installation but you need to keep the existing posts and pages and how much work it has given you to create.

    For this case I am going to use a plugin that is very easy to use but that does very well what it has to do which is EXPORT or IMPORT the contents, with their corresponding images, slugs, etc.


    Click on the image to go to the plugin link

    This plugin allows you to archive posts and pages with a single click. Take them to another website or simply use this function to back up your articles on your computer.

    What can you do with this plugin?

    • It allows you to archive publications in ZIP archives.
    • You can extract ZIP files on any website with the plugin installed.
    • It is used to download and store publications in compressed files.
    • It has support for multiple publications (export all, one or several).
    • You can restore a previously exported Post in less than 1 minute.
    • It helps you keep versions of a Post in ZIP (random names).
    • To export Post, Pages, Slugs, Categories, Labels and images of publications.
    • to import Post, Pages, Slugs, Categories, Labels and images of publications.

    Imagine for a moment that you are thinking of making important changes to a publication (post or page), because nothing is easier than exporting that post or page in zip compressed format to your computer and then making the relevant changes in the publication.

    It turns out that in the end you have touched so many things in the post or page that you have left it worse than you thought and also you did not make a backup of the web before proceeding, nothing happens! delete the current post or the affected page and then with Zippy You import the .zip file of the copy that you had made before modifying it and voila, you already have it as in the beginning and in a couple of minutes!

    Export 1 Post with Zippy

    Another common scenario. You want to change the theme but you do not want the changes to be seen in the production site and also, by the way, you want to take advantage of getting rid of some plugins that you have never managed to get on the way and in the process clean up the database a bit.

    What are you doing? … think of Zippy naturally

    You install a new WordPress in another folder of your Hosting, or in a subdomain (as best suits you) and in that new installation you put your new theme, the plugins you are going to use, and you are in the ideal setting, all clean and shiny .

    Now only your posts and pages are missing, with their corresponding slugs, images, etc. Well, you have it easy, with Zippy you export ALL the Posts in a ZIP file and you do the same with the Pages.

    Export all Post with Zippy

    Then in the new WordPress installation you install Zippy and import the Posts and Pages, an operation that shouldn’t take more than 2 or 3 minutes for approximately 200 posts (for other amounts it calculates).

    Import Post with Zippy

    You wait for the process to be completed and when you see the next log on the screen it is all over and you can enjoy your publications, the result of the effort of a long time, in your brand new WordPress with the new theme.

    import log

    How cool is this!

    The cotton test video

    Well, since I don’t have much more to say to highlight the benefits of Zippy, take a look at this video to see the process live and be captivated by the super powers of the coolest plugin in recent times (at least that’s what I think )


    Do not complicate your life with the restoration of complete and heavy backups of your entire website just because you want to recover a Post or a Page that you have lost because you know what action was taken; Use Zippy and take advantage of the rest of the time you have left after the recovery of your Post or Pages in more useful things for you and your website.

    Zippy comes as an incredibly easy-to-use solution for archiving post and pages to zip archives and unzipping them even on another website.

    And you are one of those who keep searching for the lost posts?

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