It is just as important to have a stable, accessible site with a careful image, as having good content that helps to retain the users who daily invest part of their time reading them.

    However, the work of a good administrator, webmaster or user who manages their own or third party sites does not end here, the most important part after the aforementioned is the interaction with visitors. We live in times in which the disclosure of content is key to being found and / or recognized.

    The social networks They have been declared as the best weapons to reach everywhere on the Internet, although not everything is solved by always sharing links or simply acting as interns (RT, s), many times, we also need those who are interested in the content we generate to be able to comment on it on our website.

    This is where tools like those Comment Managers They grow strong and take their relevant role in making this task easy for the visitor and useful and manageable for the developer or website administrator.

    There are a few available in the Jed, there are free and paid, each with its advantages and disadvantages, but all aimed at allowing the administration of opinions expressed by users to be at least easy to manage.

    In this article we focus on one of them, JComments, developed by the Russian team of Sevastopol called JoomlaTune and that we can download from the JED which will take us to the authors’ website.

    The comment manager JComments is based on AJAX and it has good support ACL for permission management and in the latest version support for third-party applications such as K2, Joom! Fish, jVideoDirect, AcePolls, JoomGallery, Listbingo, VideoFlow, etc. has been extended.

    Outstanding features:

    • Advanced ACL system
    • Antispam (CAPTCHA) and flood protection
    • Multi-language support (over 20 languages)
    • Emoticons and BBCode support
    • Avatars
    • Easy migration of third-party JComments components (38 extensions!)
    • Easy integration with third-party extensions (over 40 extensions!)
    • Joom! Fish support (separate comments for each language)
    • E-mail subscriptions
    • Quick moderation (from email)
    • Reports to administrator
    • RSS

    It is possible that by activating the use of CAPTCHA the alphanumeric rendered image is not displayed since by default the component searches KCATPCHA and not finding it simply doesn’t render the image responsible for displaying the characters. We recommend in this case to install the plugin JEZ reCAPTCHA Integrator that we can download from the author’s page, which provides the CAPTCHA management functionality that the JComments component will need in case of not having KCATPCHA.

    Highlight the functionality of “Quick moderation” which is an addition that until now was only available in extensions like JomComments (paid) and that we now also enjoy in this extension. This option, configurable from the extension, allows you to receive an email for each comment that is published, with two links, one for post it and another for remove it, which allows us to moderate from any device that receives emails (iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, etc.) without having to log into the backend from Joomla! to perform this task.

    This video allows us to see the process of installation and operation of the extension in a content article.


    If you were not clear about the importance of giving your visitors a voice, now you have no excuse not to do so, JComments It is a good ally for the management and administration of comments in Joomla !.

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