Although months ago we did not recommend the Joomla! Migration 1.5.x to the new branch 1.6 for reasons of unavailability of extensions, templates and stable methods to proceed with it, as of today and mainly thanks to the effort of Matias AguirreWe can say that migration is possible, that the extension works and that this call to become responsible for all future migrations that users make from here on out.

    However, today this process presents great difficulties that are not focused on the component JUpgrade that it performs them but in the environment and the extensions of third parties, which undoubtedly compromises the good result of any migration that is carried out. In this article we review the pros and cons found during said process.

    Security in Joomla!

    Migration requirements:

    Migrations natively supported by the JUpgrade component:

    Porcetange migration

    • Banners – 100%
    • Categories – 100%
    • Contacts – 100%
    • Contents – 100%
    • Menus – 95%
    • Modules – 90%
    • Feeds News – 100%
    • Users – 100%
    • Web Links – 100%

    What extensions can we install after migration in Joomla! 1.6 of the Websites Are Us pack?

    BreezingForms 1.7.3 (build 741) (component)

    Akeeba Backup 3.2.7 (component)

    JCE 2.0.0beta2 (component)

    eXtplorer 2.1.0 RC3 (component) – (replacing NinjaXplorer).

    Phoca Favicon 2.0.0 (component)

    Xmap 2.0 beta 2 (component)

    Simple Image Gallery 2.1 (plugin)

    Simple Content Versioning 1.92 (component)

    What extensions will we not migrate from the Websites Are Us pack?

    CQI – CustomQuickIcons (component)

    VirtueMart 1.1.8 and lower (component)

    J! Position (component)

    Mass Content (component)

    NinjaXplorer (component)

    AllVideos (plugin)

    JomBackup (plugin)

    Better Preview (plugin)

    BIGSHOT Google Analytics (plugin)

    IE8 Compatibility (plugin)

    Ultimate PNG Fix (plugin)

    JUpgrade incompatible extensions that cannot be migrated:

    Extensions that have not yet been ported to the new branch included in our packs:

    VirtueMart (Pending to be released version 1.9.0 that will work natively in Joomla! 1.6, although recently on the occasion of J and Beyond RC 2.0 was released) -It is expected that in a period of between 2 and 4 months we can have from a stable version possibly for Joomla branch 1.7!).

    Depending on the operating model of the component responsible for migration from one branch to a higher branch, developers of extensions, etc. need to generate a series of files. “Xml” that can be read by the component JUpgrade to successfully migrate the data of each of the extensions installed in Joomla !.

    As of today only two developers -who collaborate directly in the JUpgrade project with Matias Aguirre- They have been the ones who have created these files that allow the migration of your data to the new branch:

    Finally we can not forget the topic of templates since it is as important or more than the extensions themselves in some cases, since not all template developers have carried the existing ones for the 1.5 branch and some of them have simply chosen to release new ones templates for this branch leaving the current 1.5 discontinued so that a large number of users will be forced to change the template in use for another one compatible with Joomla! 1.6.

    The migration process

    We download the component JUpgrade in its latest stable version well from the Extensions Directory”>Jed or from the author’s page.

    We also download the Joomla! pack 1.6 that we want to use for migration, otherwise JUpgrade will use the pack “official” in english of

    If desired, we can manually instruct you to use a customized or translated Joomla! Pack. 1.6.x so that it does not load the pack in English by default. For this we can upload the packaging zip to the folder / tmp which is where the component will look for it. Said file must be renamed otherwise in the process Upgrade will return the error “Error: zip file not found” At this point in the process.

    We can also edit the file “Decompress.php” in the route / administrator / components / com_jupgrade / includes and modify the value of the variable $ zipfile according to our needs:

    $ zipfile = JPATH_ROOT. ’/ tmp /’;

    Once the extension is installed, we run it and the first thing it will do is an analysis of the environment, and in case it detects that we do not have the plugin “Mootools Upgrade” It will ask us to activate or install it by providing us with a direct link to it:

    Mootools 1.2 not loaded. Please enable “System – Mootools Upgrade” plugin.

    Once activated or installed in case you do not have it, we proceed to run the JUpgrade component and click on “Start Migration”.

    Now the component will verify our installation and proceed to download the latest stable version of Joomla! 1.6 that depending on the speed of our Internet connection will be the longest process to manage, unless we have disabled this option in “Parameters” of the component because instead we use a personalized pack of Joomla! 1.6.

    Once the migration is complete, it shows us at the end of the same screen the option to access the frontend or backend Joomla! “my degree” to 1.6.x in the same Hosting where we had 1.5.x, in the folder / jupgrade which is where we will find the final result that we can later convert to main simply by replacing the current 1.5 in / public_html for the new in / jupgrade or redirecting from .htaccess to the new folder to load as main content.

    After this process we can access the backend of the “new” Joomla! installation 1.6 which will be found circumstantially in the folder / public_html / jupgrade and see both the backend As the frontend from the migrated website.

    Initially, the results will not be as expected, since, as we have said previously, there are many extensions without migration files “Xml” and a migration “total” currently it is impossible. The default language after migration will be English but we can activate the languages ​​in English or others if we had used a custom pack that contains them.

    In conclusion we can say that as of today complete migration does not exist of a production facility from Joomla! 1.5.x to 1.6.x for various reasons:

    • Lack of extensions in the new branch, despite having more than 1400 available for Joomla! 1.6 in the Jed.
    • There are no “xml” of 99% of commonly used extensions.
    • The migration process still has errors and / or conflicts with the menus.
    • We don’t know at what point the “Sections” to be migrated since in 1.6 there are no these.
    • 90% of the templates commonly used in 1.5 are not ported to the new branch.


    This does not have to intimidate us in the use of Joomla! 1.6 and later branches such as 1.7 that will be released supposedly in 2011 or 1.8, etc., but serve as a stimulus to experiment, search and test new extensions that supply the current ones and allow levels of functionality similar to the current ones, since thousands of developers are making great efforts so that the progression of Joomla! be a reality and we are all beneficiaries of this magnificent effort.

    Member of the Websites Are Us technical team.
    Coordinator of content on the Blog and YouTube.
    Technical support in CyberProtector. Teacher at Websites Are Us Learning.

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