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To make the sites easier to navigate, the use of icons. In fact, they are not only graphic elements, as the favicon can be, but they perform the important function of helping the user to orient themselves on the site, since they are interpreted immediately. In addition, often theicon can communicate more than one word. For this reason it can be very useful to add icons in menu of your site WordPress.

In today’s guide, I suggest some tools for you enter the icons within the wl-thing”>menu and make navigation easier.

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The first plugin we will talk about is called Menu Icons. This is a widely used tool; to date it has over 100 thousand downloads.

At the moment, it is already updated and compatible with WordPress version 4.9. In any case, it is always advisable to make a backup of the whole site before installing new plugins.

Once installed, wl-thing”>Menu Icons is very simple to use: navigate within Appearance> Menu, to open the screen configuration of menu navigation.

For each entry you added to menu, you will see a link called “Icon: Select“. Click on it and select theicon you want to associate with that particular item.

Add icons in the menu of your WordPress site with Menu Icons

On the right, you will also find some additional options:

add icons in the menu of your WordPress site with Menu Icons

  • Hide Label: yes / no; to hide the text and display in the menu only theicon;
  • Position: before / after; to view theicon before or after the entry in menu;
  • Vertical Align; to determine the vertical alignment of theicon (i.e., whether to align it with the text, or position it higher or lower).
  • size; to determine how big it must beicon.

When you have all the options set, click select and theicon will appear in your menu.

As you see, Menu Icons is a truly immediate and easy to use tool, allowing you to insert customized icons into yours menu.

The plugin Image menu not only allows to add aimage to the menu, but also to add a second one that will appear by moving the mouse cursor over the first image.

Again, surf in Appearance> Menu and select the voice of menu you want to add theicon. From the button Set image select theimage main, while with Set image on hover choose theimage to appear on mouseover.

Set the size of theicon, then decide how to display the text: you can hide it or place it above, below, before or afterimage.

Image menu to add icons to the menu of your WordPress site

AGP Font Awesome Collection

The third and final plugin that we will elaborate on in this guide is called AGP Font Awesome Collection. At the time of writing, the plugin has been updated to WordPress version 4.8.7. It is a very interesting tool and I really hope it continues to be updated.

AGP integrates the icons Awesome fonts not only inside menu, but on all pages and posts of your WordPress site.

When you activate AGP Font Awesome Collection, a small appears in the tools of your visual editor icon “DOES”. By clicking on it you can configure and insert the icons What do you desire.

Instead, for to add icons to the menu, do the following: navigate as usual Appearance> Menu. Then, expand the single entry box of the menu. You will find a menu curtain called “Menu Icon“. Here, select theicon you want to insert.

AGP Font Awsome - add icons to the menu

As you can see, this tool is also very simple to use.

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Today we have seen three wl-thing”>plugin useful for to add icons in wl-thing”>menu of your WordPress site. If you were planning on adding this detail to your site, don’t hesitate. Using these tools it will be a few minutes’ work.

Have you ever thought about adding icons in menu of your WordPress site?

Have you already tried these tools?

Let’s talk in the comments!


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