How to find out if a site is done in WordPress with BuiltWith 2020


Have you ever wondered if a site is done in WordPress or with another tool? Which server are you using? What traffic analysis programs do you use?

Having this information in real time means immediately learning fundamental news about the platform you are viewing and it can be really useful to know them.

Fortunately, there is a simple, effective and free way to have a complete profile of the site that interests you, that is BuiltWith.

It is a free application that allows you to have detailed information on the technologies that a given site is using. You can get it by downloading it as an extension in modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari and immediately start studying all the sites you want.

Or, you can use it directly from the BuiltWith site, by entering the name of the site you are interested in to receive all the info you want about it.

Leveraging this resource is a great way to study the competition and find out what technologies BIGs are using in your niche.

But first let’s see together what information this incredible application provides you in the report.

BuilthWith to find out if a site was built with WordPress


It is a useful and very effective tool, which I continue to use often. You can also build your own account to access the site and take advantage of more features, both free and premium.

But let’s see the more immediate functionality that this tool can provide.

Information that BuiltWith can give you about a site of your interest

Once you enter the URL of the site to analyze it inside BuiltWith, or by clicking on the extension in your browser, you will see all the salient information relating to the site in question. Here are some of the main ones:

Discover global trends

Finding out what tools a site you follow uses can help you learn many tricks used by competitors and popular brands. The lessons you can learn don’t end there. As you may have noticed, there is a link on Built With at the top right of each section.

By clicking on View Global Trends you will be able to see which are the most used tools worldwide for each category.

BuiltWith email statistics

By clicking on the link in the section Email Services, for example, we can find that 20% of the sites analyzed use Google applications. I also found that over 37% use WordPress as their Content Management System and that Yoast SEO was found on nearly 7.5 million sites. Obviously, considering the variety of instruments available on the various markets, it is no wonder that the “Other” category has a large share of the market.

Below the pie chart you will also find a table with the most popular tools and, to its right, a list of elements that you can use as a filter.

I went back to looking at the widget report and then filtered using WordPress plugins as a criterion.

BuiltWith plugin statistics

Try to guess what the 3 most popular plugins for WordPress… As you may have already guessed, in first place is the indispensable Yoast SEO (16%), followed by Visual Composer (6.3%), which is included in the purchase of many themes on ThemeForest.

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As you see, understand if a site is done in WordPress and, at the same time, quickly obtaining useful information relating to a site you are viewing is really simple and immediate.

Thanks to BuiltWith, you can get to know the structure of the platforms that interest you with a few clicks, taking a few moments.

Do you already use this tool?

How did you find yourself?

Share your experience with us by leaving us a comment in the box below.

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