How to increase sales at Nuvemshop


Nuvemshop is one of the best platforms to create a virtual store. In fact, it was elected by ABCOMM (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce), in the years 2017 and 2019, the best ecommerce platform. We have already made a complete assessment of all the resources offered by them and present their main differentials. This time, our goal is to help you, shopkeeper or entrepreneur who is about to open his own virtual store to increase sales at Nuvemshop. Check out our tips and find out how to drive results and bring more customers to your ecommerce.

Expand your sales channels

It is important to always consider that ecommerce and online store are not the same thing. Your Nuvemshop virtual store is just one of several sales channels available for online sales. However, there are other channels that you can start exploring to expand your reach and reach an audience that doesn’t know your business yet. Nuvemshop itself already offers the possibility of working with other sales channels, such as: Therefore, make an assessment of your audience and consider which of these channels can be leveraged so that you have an increase not only in sales, but also in the visibility of your business. However, always keep in mind that other sales channels do not necessarily replace your online store – which serves as the showcase for your Ecommerce products.

Offer an online chat

It may seem like a very direct tip to increase your sales at Nuvemshop, but the truth is that, proven from research and statistics, adding an online chat in your online store can increase your conversion rate by up to 20%. The reason is simple: a chat allows visitors to chat with their service and sales team in real time, making it possible to solve problems and ask questions about products, categories, payment methods, delivery, among many other aspects, without being necessary to leave the page. But offering service is not the only differential of this type of tool. Professional chat tools offer features that help you engage visitors and break the communication barriers imposed by the digital sales environment, such as:

  1. Visitor monitoring: allows you to identify exactly which page each visitor is on, be it a product page or categories, shopping cart, checkout page, etc.
  2. Proactive invitations: allows you to approach visitors via chat pop-ups. You can customize them for each page, adapting the message to improve your retention and not miss out on business opportunities.
  3. Service forms: ideal for collecting visitor data such as email and phone from attendance sessions. Register more leads and take the opportunity to segment your base when conducting email marketing campaigns.
  4. Offline forms: you don’t necessarily have to offer 24/7 service, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to let your visitors down. Therefore, use offline forms so that customers can send their questions to the team even when operators are not available.

Among many other features. Remember that customer service is one of the pillars for the success of your online store and, allowing them to chat with a human attendant and receive instant responses is a big difference in relation to their competitors. It is no wonder that Websites Are Us has excellent reviews from several retailers in the Nuvemshop app store. Nuvemshop app store

Loyalty customers

Offering excellent service, in real time, can already make all the difference in your results, but this need not be the only strategy so that you can retain customers and sell more at Nuvemshop. Customer loyalty is important because, as research by Bain & Company points out, increasing your chances of retention by just 5% can result in an increase of up to 95% in your profits. It may seem absurd, right? But if you consider that the cost of acquiring new customers, between marketing campaigns, time dedicated to prospecting and other strategies, you can identify how the ROI (return on investment) of loyalty strategies is extremely positive. Therefore, start working with strategies aimed at building customer loyalty, such as:

  • Offer a loyalty program;
  • Present special discounts to loyal customers;
  • Leverage the service to retain visitors;
  • Offer to cover your competitors’ offers.

And of course, reinforce your email marketing campaigns and after-sales actions so that you can reactivate consumers and bring them in for a new purchase.

Do email marketing

Throughout the article we mentioned email marketing several times. That’s because it is still one of the best channels to reach your customers – especially when your campaigns are run from targeted lists. One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is its versatility, as it allows you to send different types of content for different purposes, such as:

  • Announcements of new products and special promotions;
  • Reminders and calls to your loyalty program;
  • Post-sales and satisfaction surveys;
  • Among several other strategies.

Therefore, if you do not use an email marketing tool yet, it is worth investing and approaching your customers through the contact addresses obtained during purchases or through the online service itself.

Hours to increase sales at Nuvemshop

We hope that these tips can help you achieve the expected results and sell more from your online store or other sales channels offered by Nuvemshop. The platform itself offers excellent courses and content in case you need to dig deeper into different areas of your ecommerce. And don’t forget, our goal at Websites Are Us is to make you achieve your success. So, don’t delay, install the free online chat at your Nuvemshop store right now and evaluate your customers’ satisfaction rate with real-time service.

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