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Here’s how to install WordPress from scratch without problems. Follow the steps to install WordPress. We also show you how to subscribe to a domain and hosting space. Easy for every level!

How to install WordPress from scratch

Welcome! Install WordPress it is very simple and in this guide I will show you how to do it step by step.

Below you will also see how to register, if you have not already done so, a domain and subscribe to a hosting space. Install WordPress on a Linux hosting space, using the same provider that we use, or SiteGround entitles you to request even a mega gift exclusively for you as a Websites Are Us user: 60% hosting discount + Sito Pronto!

Our offer will allow you to leave with your website without stress, something that for example you will not be able to do if you choose to start writing your blog by installing WordPress locallyor on your computer.

You can certainly decide to start developing your project locally but you must keep in mind that, once ready to publish your website, you will have to in any case install WordPress on the hosting space which will contain your site.

So there are 3 main things you need to do install WordPress and start building your site.

The first thing is to buy a Linux hosting space on SiteGround or with one of the many other suppliers, there are also other valid ones that we recommend. You can also find a promotion that entitles you to have a free domain for the first year).

The second thing is to perform the free domain registration (, .com or other extensions).

The third and last thing is precisely install WordPress following the simple procedure that you will soon see.

The first and second pass are also at the end of this guide if I have not already done so; if not, and you have already completed the two steps above, then you are ready.

Now let’s move on to installing WordPress

Once you have signed up for your hosting plan, in your inbox you will have found an email from SiteGround containing your username to access your new hosting space.

So, now you can go to the link for access the SiteGround user area and enter your username and password (the same one you specified before buying).

Then click on Hosting and click Go to the cPanel.

Log in to the cPanel to install WordPress

You are now in the control panel of your server. From here, in addition to installing WordPress, you can create your emails, manage the database, your site backups, FTP accesses and many other actions.

WordPress installer

Now that you’re inside the cPanel, look for the entry WordPress tools and click on WordPress installer (see image above). Then click on install (see image below).

Install WordPress on SiteGround

You will be asked to choose a protocol: http or https, with www or without www.

I advise you initially to opt for HTTP, later you can activate a free SSL certificate and you can transform your protocol from http to https (sure), but you can do it later, even after finishing install WordPress, and if you need help you can count on our WordPress Assistance, in Italian.

For www or without www, this is a purely “aesthetic” choice that has no effect on your website. So, choose freely. We for example go without www.

Therefore, fill in the following fields as shown in the image:

Fill in the data to install WordPress

Remember to save username is password of WordPress. This is the data with which you will access the management panel or dashboard of your WordPress installation.

Continue like this for the following fields:

WordPress installation last step

Select the ITALIAN language, do not install the suggested plugins for now, and leave “It is not” (none) to the theme to be installed. In this way you proceed to load the default theme and then you can edit it, change it and make all the customizations you want.

Click on install and once the loading bar has finished the WordPress installation procedure, you will be able to click on the link of your website and you will see that now a website set by default for you by SiteGround appears, ready to be completely customized.

WordPress installation home screen

We are almost there…

How to access your new site after installing WordPress

Now go to the URL of your site (your domain) and add at the end / Wp-admin (example: and press Enter. You are now on the page from where you will access the dashboard of your site. Enter the data (username and password just created) and log in.

You are now in the management panel of your website!

You have completed the procedure for install WordPress and you are ready to create your website or blog. Congratulations! Now you are ready to be able to develop your ideas in practice: there are more than 600 guides on Websites Are Us on any topic you want to deepen. For any problem that may arise during development, you can count on our WordPress Assistance in Italian, a very precious resource for you who are at the beginning.

Keep in mind that with this resource you can quickly find answers also on how to subscribe a hosting space and all other related topics.

You can begin to review these things below.

Subscribe to a hosting space on which to install WordPress and create your website

On SiteGround, there are 3 options and they mainly go according to the volume of visits you plan to receive monthly on your website and also based on the number of websites you would like to create.

With the plan StartUp you can have only one website, while with the GrowBig is GoGeek you can create unlimited websites and take advantage of advanced features that improve the performance of your website.

SiteGround plans 2019

If your site is new and has no visits, I suggest you start with the STARTUP plan. This is an excellent plan for small or medium-sized sites (including e-commerce), which includes among other things the CloudFlare CDN (content delivery network, content distribution network) to guarantee optimal performance, unlimited email addresses, unlimited databases, and the cPanel (control panel) to conveniently manage your hosting space and your domain.

Choose your free domain name

After choosing the plan, it’s time to register your NEW FREE DOMAIN.

SiteGround 2019 domain choice

Enter, as indicated in the image, your domain and choose the extension. If you want, you can then register the same domain, with other desired extensions, like .net, .org, etc …

Once you have entered the domain to be registered, click on the button Proceed. After doing so, if the domain you have chosen is still free, you will arrive at the registration screen of your subscription.

Fill in the purchase form of the hosting space

At this point, fill in the fields as shown in this image.

Make sure you enter a complex password and remember to mark it, this will be needed after purchase to access your site.

SiteGround account username

Billing for companies and freelancers

If you are a freelancer or a company, and you need an invoice, just enter the company name and VAT number in the appropriate fields. If not, leave them blank.

SiteGround customer information

After making the payment, it will be very easy to send a request to the support and request timely receipt of the invoice. I strongly advise you to complete the payment first and then send a simple request asking to send you an invoice.

Domain registrant data

Now you will have to enter the data of the domain owner. In the Entity type section, select the one that best matches your profile. For example, Persons, Foreign and italian if you are a natural person, or Italian Freelance Worker if you are a freelancer.
Finally, decide whether or not to reveal your complete WHOIS information.

SiteGround domain registrant

To request the ad hoc invoice from SiteGround, you also have the option of being able to contact them at their 24-hour chat.

Complete order and access the panel

Continue to fill in the payment fields:

SiteGround payment info

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