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One of the recurring requests that reach us is: How to switch from Joomla to WordPress?

If you have decided to switch from Joomla to WordPress, whatever the reason, go ahead! This guide is the one for you.

You can have extra security, if you are a beginner especially: you can activate our WordPress Assistance. You will always have a resource, in Italian, on how to find all the answers to your questions.

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Both of these tools are excellent and very valid CMS (Content Management System), but Joomla has not yet developed the vast universe of themes and plugins that support WordPress (WordPress dominates the CMS market, controlling about 60%, Joomla 6.6% ).

The power of WordPress lies in the fact of being able to enable a myriad of features on your site with a few clicks and with minimal or no technical knowledge, just install one of the various themes or plugins.

Preparing for the transition from Joomla to WordPress

To carry out the transition from Joomla to WordPress you will need three basic components:

    1. an excellent hosting service


    1. a domain


Let’s analyze these components one by one.

An excellent hosting service: SiteGround

By attending Websites Are Us, you will know that we always speak very well of SiteGround, one of the best hosting services for WordPress; we have been using it for several years and we are very satisfied.

SiteGround offers various services optimized for WordPress, high levels of security and highly efficient customer support in Italian. In case you don’t want to manage the migration of your site, you can rely on the service offered by SiteGround to transfer the site and domain to SiteGround.


If you purchase a plan with SiteGround through our link, you can request our Site Ready + GIFT offer. You will therefore have extra help for everything related to the creation, management and growth of your website in WordPress.

A domain

Having a domain that explains well what your site is about, which is imprinted in the memory of users and which is well digested by search engines, is a respectable challenge, especially when you find yourself competing with other users who are looking for the same parameters.

Don’t worry, let’s discuss this topic in detail in this article: “How to choose a domain for your new website”. Don’t be in a hurry with this step, do research and follow our tips to choose a winning domain.

WordPress installation

If you are using a hosting service like SiteGround you will have access to a control panel from where you can manage your website and start the installation of WordPress. It is nothing complicated and very often just a few clicks are enough. Depending on the hosting service providers, you may also have an icon for installing WordPress.

In case you want to have more detailed instructions and an overview of WordPress features, take a look at: “Create a blog in WordPress: the complete guide to Websites Are Us”.

The transition from Joomla to WordPress

Now that you have completed the preparatory steps, we are ready to get to the heart of the action. Being a migration to WordPress, we cannot avoid taking advantage of the power of this platform and using the plugin: FG Joomla to WordPress, a tool offered for free (one is also available paid version starting from 39 €).

In your WordPress installation, in the main screen click on “Plugin” then “Add new” and search for FG Joomla to WordPress, install it and then in the successful installation window, activate it by clicking on the “Activate Plugin” link. Do not install anything else before the completion of the switching your site from Joomla to WordPress.

In order to proceed with the process, we need to acquire information from your Joomla installation. Log in to Joomla and in the “System” panel, at the top of the page, click on “Configurations” in the drop-down menu.

In the configuration screen, click on “Server” and take note of the values: Host, Database Username, Database Name, Database Tables Prefix. We advise you to leave this window open, you will need to copy-paste.

Import the Joomla content into WordPress

Go back to the main WordPress screen and click on Tools then Import.

Search for “Joomla (FG)” in the list of available tools and click “Start importing”. Activating this command will bring up a window, where you can select some relevant options for data migration.

Pay attention to the “Empty WordPress content” button, pressing it will delete all the content on your WordPress site, if you already have content, make a backup (in theory it should be empty, if you have just created a WordPress installation). We suggest you have a clean installation of WordPress (new, no content present) to avoid problems with the passage of data.

Now you will have to enter the parameters of your Joomla site, starting from the URL.

Then you will have to copy-paste the data from the Joomla “Server” window: Hostname, Database, Username, Joomla table prefix.

After entering this data, click on “Test the connection to the database” to verify that everything is working correctly.

In the “Behavior” section you can specify which additional elements you want to import from Joomla.

Let’s analyze the available options:

After reviewing all the choices made in the options just mentioned, when you are ready click on “Start / Continue import”. The FG Joomla to WordPress plugin will show you a window with a percentage of progress and a log with any errors (hopefully none will happen!). Congratulations! We are almost there.

After the transition from Joomla to WordPress

After the migration of your content from Joomla to WordPress, if no errors have occurred (you will be notified by the plugin) everything should work correctly but obviously it is appropriate to do the necessary checks.

Please check the internal links first. The FG Joomla to WordPress plugin offers a practical tool, available in the “Import” panel, from where we started the migration process.

Obviously, after completing the transition from Joomla to WordPress, we strongly encourage you to double-check all the content on your site to make sure everything is okay. In this way you can avoid errors that may decrease the quality level of your site.

After completing the migration, the fun doesn’t stop there! The fabulous world of WordPress themes and plugins has just opened in front of you, let yourself be guided with: Best WordPress themes: what they are, where to find them and how to install them and The 100 best WordPress plugins.



Changing the platform used by your site is an important decision and can be an extremely laborious activity. With this guide we have listed the preparatory steps necessary for migration from Joomla to WordPress and we have shown you a plugin that simplifies and speeds everything up.

Have we been clear?

Have you encountered any difficulties?

Do you know a faster method to switch from Joomla to WordPress?

Obviously, I would be very pleased if you shared your experience in the comments.

Leave a comment, we will reply immediately!


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