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    Let’s find out what they are.

    The 10 best WooCommerce extensions for your site

    WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin, which allows you to turn your site into a Online shop. You can use it to sell both digital and physical products, manage inventory and shipments, issue invoices, calculate payments and taxes.

    If you want to learn how to use it and create a successful online shop, I recommend you sign up for our video course Create an eCommerce site, with which we show you step by step how to create your shop.

    This eCommerce platform is mobile friendly (suitable for mobile use) and can be further optimized for this type of device by choosing one of the themes responsive designed just for the plugin.

    WooCommerce has many features right from the moment of installation. You can, however, expand its functionality by installing external extensions and plugins, for example to manage multivendor sites or use specific payment methods.

    We have tested some of the most interesting tools out there, both free and paid. Let’s see them together.

    1) WooCommerce Subscriptions

    WooCommerce Subscriptions - among the best extensions of WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Subscription allows you to sell products based on recurring payments. Do you deliver fruit at home every week? Or do you sell magazines or subscription publications? This extension of WooCommerce allows you to manage recurring payments, even automatic. You will also be able to create personalized calendars and use over 25 payment methods.

    Users will also be able to manually or automatically renew their subscription and change plans without having to contact you.

    To help you increase the number of subscribers, you can offer free trials to new users and try to improve retention by sending automatic emails to invite them to renew their subscription.

    The annual license starts from $ 199 for a single website.

    2) WooCommerce Memberships

    WooCommerce Memberships - WooCommerce plugin to manage subscriptions

    WooCommerce Membership is a premium plugin developed by SkyVerge. It has received many positive evaluations thanks to the truly intuitive interface and configuration mode. This extension allows you to sell subscriptions or give customer access to special products and content, available only to subscribers or by invitation.

    You can also create special discounts reserved for members and show them the privileges included in their membership. A very useful feature for analyzing your customers’ data is the possibility of export the member list in .CSV format, which you can open with Excel.

    When you manage a membership site, you will inevitably spend a lot of time managing members and providing support. This plugin allows you to leave notes in their account, so that we can improve communications. You can also set up automatic emails to contact members when their membership expires.

    The license costs $ 149 for a website.

    3) WooCommerce Bookings

    WooCommerce Bookings - booking management plug-in

    Another popular extension is WooCommerce Bookings. It is a perfect tool to sell time based or precise date based services. You can consider it if you manage a site where customers can book appointments or rent / rent spaces for events or work, offices, holiday homes, excursions or tours.

    This plugin allows you to offer customized costs based on various criteria, build detailed forms and set up booking confirmations.

    This extension is very powerful and unfortunately this pushes up the price. The annual license costs $ 249 for a single site, or you can purchase it at $ 299 as part of a package that also includes Product Add-ons (more on that later), Accomodation Bookings, Smart Coupons and other plugins.

    4) Stripe for WooCommerce

    Stripe for WooCommerce

    Stripe for WooCommerce it’s a plugin free which allows you to accept payments directly to your store. With Stripe, in fact, customers stay on your site while they pay, instead of being directed to external payment pages. According to various studies this helps you improve the conversion rate.

    Payments can be made using various methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Apple Pay and even BitCoin. Stripe is available in 25 countries and allows customers to save time by registering on Stripe and reusing the same card for subsequent purchases.

    5) Amazon Pay

    Plugin to use Amazon Pay with WooCommerce

    One of the aspects that most annoy customers when they buy on an eCommerce site is having to create a new account and then enter all the information for shipping and payments. With Amazon Pay, your customers will be able to purchase on your site using the information they have already entered on their Amazon account.

    Customers will log in to your site using their Amazon username and password, without being redirected to external pages. Your site will be given the name, email address and postal details necessary to customize the payment process.

    A particularly positive note of this extension is that the transaction will apply Amazon payment fraud protection.

    This plugin is free.

    6) Product Add-Ons

    Product Add-Ons - extension for product customization

    Thanks to this premium extension of WooCommerce, you can offer your customers personalized products, with additional components or free gifts free. With Product Add-Ons you can offer accessory services such as personalized engravings on watches and jewels, or the possibility of inserting greeting messages, choosing the model or color of an object and even adding donations.

    Customizations can be applied to individual products or globally to everything that is for sale on your site.

    Thanks to this plugin you can offer personalized products that adapt to what customers are looking for. The single license price is affordable: $ 49 for one year.

    7) WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

    WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates is a premium plugin, designed to help you integrate links from your WooCommerce store affiliation by Amazon.

    This extension allows you to import e view product recommendations based on phrases and keywords. For example, if you sell cameras, you can get automatic recommendations on other products and categories to import from Amazon.

    In order not to overload your servers with requests and slow down the site, the plugin assigns a score to the products, based on the quantity of images, variations, categories and important attributes. This way, you can decide to import only the one that is most relevant to your site.

    The Amazon Affiliates WooCommerce license costs $ 42.

    WooCommerce Extra Product Options

    This plugin, available on CodeCanyon a $ 24, was developed for eCommerce sites that sell physical products and offer them variations.

    WooCommerce Extra Product Options allows you to automatically calculate the price based on the choices made from customers. You can use it if you sell products that require customization (e.g. color, size, length).

    This extension is compatible with many other WordPress plugins, including Subscriptions and Bookings that we talked about above.

    9) Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

    9. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce - plugin to calculate shipping cost

    Each store is different and it is often necessary to change the default shipping options. You may need to offer various costs, calculated on the basis of criteria such as geographical area, price, weight and number of objects.

    Table Rate Shipping it helps you calculate and present these options to your users, improving their experience on your site.

    This plugin, whose license costs $ 25, is also compatible with WPML, making it suitable for multilingual sites.

    10) Facebook for WooCommerce

    Facebook for WooCommerce

    The latest extension of WooCommerce that I want to talk to you about today is Facebook for WooCommerce. It is a plugin free developed by Facebook and managed by WooCommerce.

    This plugin helps you grow your business through advertising extensions and the Shop window that you can open on the company Facebook page. These tools allow you to reach new customers and improve the relationship with users who follow you on the social platform.

    By connecting your shop to Facebook, you will be able to show the products you offer on your page, including links to your online store. Facebook is also implementing the sale directly from the Facebook page. However, this is a function currently available in the United States and gradually being implemented in various countries. For this reason it may still not be available for your page.



    WooCommerce is an excellent tool to turn your WordPress site into an online store. Among the major benefits of this plugin there is certainly the large number of plugins and themes designed to support it, expanding its functions. Today I showed you 10 of the best extensions of WooCommerce available. These are paid or free plugins, which allow you to offer specific services to your customer, improve payments, manage affiliations or reach users on Facebook.

    In addition to the 10 tools we talked about in this guide, we must also consider that many plugins that we talked about in the past, including also the best free extensions, are compatible with WooCommerce.

    What are your favorite extensions for WooCommerce?

    Which ones intrigued you about this list?

    See you in the comments!


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